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Participate in the Blogging CommunityI saw a decent amount of live music while living in Los Angeles while i was workiong for Google Maps optimization service. I would often see local musicians at shows of other bands. Was it strictly due to musical interest? After speaking with several individuals, I realized many go to concerts to ‘show support’ for local bands and artists. The individual artists are part of a larger community of artists, who support one another and their shared passion. That makes a lot of sense; people with similar interests often gravitate toward one another.

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The same is true within the blogging community. Is there a good community in your respective space? The online marketing community offers a lot of blogs and blogger personalities; naturally, I take interest in a variety of sources and people. Consider engaging in the following actions in your respective space:

Find Blogs
To start engaging other people in your space, you need to first find more blogs and people to read. Be creative and experiment with nuances; look for bloggers in and outside of your specific vertical. There is a blog or personality reserved for just about any topic imaginable. It’s highly likely there are scores of personalities out there you would enjoy reading; yet, have you reserved the time to find some of them?

Read, Don’t Scan
A high percentage of browsers scan information. It’s an understandable action; there is a lot of information to consider and sift through; scanning has become somewhat of a necessary tactic. However, it’s suggested to read rather than scan blog posts. Scanning makes it more difficult to retain information and ascertain all available information. In some cases, a revisitation of particular sections or an entire piece is warranted for better understanding. Those who merely scan and then comment, often reveal their capricious natures with topical and nondescript comments.

Make Note of Your Journey
Have you ever gone on a hike and observed a sign-in book at the beginning/end of the trail? It’s for people to record history, to record their experiences. Commenting on blogs is a similar process. Commenting leaves a standing record of your experience. You went through the process of reading; enhance the experience by leaving your mark, a comment. In the near future, the ‘where’ and ‘who’ of blog commenting may influence search authority and rank.

There are several advantages to commenting. Adding to the conversation enhances the post. Giving feedback is appreciated by bloggers; regularly participating shows devoted interest and passion within your respective vertical. However, there are a few actions which can make the experience a negative rather than a positive. Consider the following blogging mistakes:

– Leaving a URL to one of your properties. (Don’t do this unless it explicitly adds to the conversation or improves the blog post.)

– Giving innocuous sentiments of praise just to write ‘something.’

– Arguing, criticizing, or comparing – offering your own opinion is often welcomed; but, do it in a professional manner, void of argument and perceived disrespect.

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