Watch: Tesla Model three Performance Drag Race Against BMW M3

Watch: Tesla Model three Performance Drag Race Against BMW M3, Audi RS4y now, our regular readers have seen the Tesla Model 3 Performance drag race against lots of ICE cars.

Top-spec Tesla Model three performance is a beast in 1 / 4-mile drag race and gives hair elevating acceleration every time you put your foot on the pedal.

As you can see, the drag race yielded a few interesting but unsurprising consequences. The race became carried out through the Youtube channel ‘Car Wow Indonesia.’ In the zone-mile drag race, the Tesla Model 3 easily gained by way of scoring a time of 11.Eight seconds. The Audi RS4 got here in second at 12.1 seconds, whilst the BMW M3 got here in final at 12.7 seconds.

The Tesla Model 3 Performance received due to an electric powered powertrain that delivers immediate electricity. The BMW M3 came in final due to the fact it is a Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) and drivetrain had a tough time placing a large amount of torque directly to the ground causing tire spin.

The Audi RS4 scored with a timing of 12.1 seconds on the second plane because of an All-Wheel-Drive System.

The trio then faced off against every different in a rolling race starting at 50 mph. As soon as the race started, the Tesla Model 3 Performance took off; however, BMW ultimately stuck up and received the race. The Audi RS4 came in final.

The remaining occasion turned into a brake check, for the duration of which all 3 motors had been to brake to a complete stop from 70 mph. This time, the Tesla Model 3 got here to a stop still on the quit as compared to the opposite motors.

The Tesla Model three Performance stopped very late because it weighs the maximum amongst all three at 1,850 kg.

Tesla Model 3 Performance Is Still The Quickest
All in all, it became a fair race but the driver of the Tesla Model three Performance should have had higher timing. We recognise from beyond drag-races that the Tesla Model three Performance averaged a quarter-mile time of 11.Five or eleven.6 seconds.

We additionally understand that after the brand new $2,000 elective software replace, the Tesla Model three Dual Motor non-performance can achieve 11.8 seconds of sector-mile timing. The equal Model three additionally has a better pinnacle-quit than the Model 3 Performance.

Therefore the end result of the above race might have been specific if the boosted Tesla Model three participated in it in preference to the Model 3 overall performance.

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