Wannabe Hacker Tried To Blackmail Apple For Just $100,000

Wannabe Hacker Tried To Blackmail Apple For Just $100,000f you have desires of blackmailing a organization like Apple, you then ought to understand the destiny of this 22-yr-antique wannabe hacker Kerem Albayrak.

As according to reports from Apple Insider and the UK’s National Crime Agency, the man who is primarily based out of North London attempted to blackmail Apple Security. He threatened to factory reset iPhones and iPads running 319 million compromised iCloud bills and promote the database online. He wanted Apple to pay $seventy five,000 in cryptocurrency or $one hundred,000 in thousand iTunes present cards for deleting the database.Albayrak is part of a set called “Turkish Crime He also sent a YouTube video in which he accessed iCloud money owed as evidence. Further, he sent a few greater UK-primarily based sample bills to Apple Security and numerous media houses for verifying their authenticity.

Later, it turned into recognised that no Apple structures had been breached around the time of blackmailing. In fact, the iCloud debts had been sourced from antique breach databases of a few now-defunct 0.33-birthday party offerings.

Almost two weeks after the blackmail, NCA investigators were able to track down and seize the offender from his domestic in London.

Hunger for fame
Reports further monitor that Albayrak’s dumb try became more toward gaining meant fame than doing any actual damage to the iPhone-maker, given if he could in reality do it in the first region.

“The assault will take place 99.Nine%. Even if it doesn’t, you’re nonetheless going to get A LOT of media attention,” he bragged to the organization in one of the conversations.Albayrak told the NCA investigators that “when you get sucked into it [cyber crime], it simply escalates and it makes it thrilling whilst it’s unlawful.”

“When you’ve got electricity at the net it’s like repute and anyone respects you,” he delivered. “Everyone is chasing that right now.”

Still couldn’t get away from justice
The reputation-loving-hacker seemed in front of the Southwark Crown Court on December 2, 2019, and pleaded responsible for one be counted of blackmail and “two counts of unauthorized acts with motive to impair the operation of or prevent/hinder get right of entry to to a pc.” – National Crime Agency (NCA)

The court docket ruled on December 20 that Albayrak will ought to serve a two-yr suspended prison time period, six months of electronic curfew, and three hundred hours of exertions.

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