Nothing Phone (2) Review: A Solid Phone, No More, No Less

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Nothing Phone (2) Review:

It  generated a lot of buzz due to its ambitious aspirations and unique design. However, after spending nearly two weeks with the device, it’s clear that the Phone (2) is simply a really good phone, nothing more. In this review, we’ll delve into the hardware, software, performance, battery life, camera capabilities, and other noteworthy aspects of the Phone (2).

Nothing Phone (2) Review


Hardware: A Unique Look with Familiar Form Factor :

Nothing has strived to make the Phone (2) stand out by offering a distinctive design within the traditional candybar smartphone form factor. The backplate of the Phone (2) creates the illusion of transparency, giving it an eye-catching appearance. The device feels excellent in hand, with curved glass edges and a thin design. While the look is unique, it doesn’t necessarily reinvent the wheel. Nevertheless, the Phone (2) offers a well-executed version of the familiar candybar design.

The display, a 6.7-inch OLED panel with a 120Hz refresh rate, provides an enjoyable viewing experience. It offers sufficient brightness, good colors, and reliable fingerprint sensor performance. However, HDR support is currently absent for apps on the device.

Glyph: A Cool Gimmick with Potential:

Glymph light

Nothing introduces “Glyph” as a unique feature on the Phone (2). This entails LED lights placed throughout the back of the device, allowing for various functions such as showing notifications, functioning as a flashlight, indicating video recording, displaying timer status, and even showing Uber status. While it’s a cool design element, Glyph’s utility is somewhat limited. It has potential for further development and customization to provide more practical value to users.

Software & Performance: A Familiar Yet Optimized Experience:

The Nothing Phone (2) runs on Nothing OS 2.0, which offers a slightly modified version of stock Android 13. The interface feels clean, fast, and well-optimized. The color palette encourages a monochrome look, while the homescreen icons can be themed to maintain visual consistency. Nothing OS 2.0 also introduces useful lockscreen widgets and keeps bloatware to a minimum. The performance is commendable, with smooth and stable operation that rivals Pixel devices and outperforms certain competitors in the market.

Battery: Exceptional Longevity :

Nothing Phone 2

The Phone (2) impresses with its battery life, thanks to its 4,700mAh battery and efficient Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chipset. Users can comfortably expect a full day of usage with 4-6 hours of screen-on time, and possibly even stretch the battery to last two days. The device supports fast charging up to 45W via USB-C and includes wireless charging functionality.

Camera: Reliable Performance, But Room for Improvement:

Nothing has made significant strides in camera performance with the Phone (2). The dual 50MP cameras produce crisp and contrast-rich images with balanced saturation. While the results are generally satisfying, occasional issues with autofocus and minor motion blur can detract from the overall quality. The selfie camera is serviceable but lacks autofocus. Nothing’s camera experience shares similarities with Google Pixel devices, providing reliable shots without the need for extensive user input.

Nothing Phone 2

Conclusion: A Competent Phone at a Reasonable Price :

The Nothing Phone (2) proves to be a solid smartphone option without groundbreaking features or innovations. Priced at 48000, it competes well with other devices in its class. While it may not revolutionize the smartphone market, the Phone (2) delivers a reliable user experience, exceptional battery life, and competent camera performance. As a relatively new player in the industry, Nothing has laid a solid foundation, and future iterations hold promise for even greater advancements.

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